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Buyer Action Plan

  • Meet with Eric to discuss factors for consideration in purchase - housing needs, neighborhoods, schools, availability of other local services.
  • Determine target price range for new home and amount of down payment.
  • Contact mortgage lenders for pre-loan approval qualification letter.
  • Review and tour available inventory in target neighborhoods.
  • Source all off-market and pocket listing opportunities for Buyer through Eric's extensive Top Agent Network.
  • Identify property.
  • Review Disclosure Package including Real Property Disclosure Statement, Agency Relation Disclosure, Financing Disclosure and Public Report and all available Property Inspection Reports.
  • Consider pre-offer inspections.
  • Determine optimal offer price.
  • Strategize all relevant terms for the offer including closing date and inspection periods.  
  • Final review of offer as set forth in Contact for Sale and Purchase of Real Property.
  • Create an offer summary sheet and cover letter to include deal points and Buyer bio.
  • Eric will present offer to Seller and negotiate terms on Buyer’s behalf.
  • Once the offer is accepted and the Purchase Contract is fully ratified, Eric will open escrow.
  • Both Buyer and Seller to satisfy applicable contingencies and conditions as set forth in Purchase Contract. 
  • Review Title Report and all Inspection Reports prepared during the course of escrow.
  • Buyer to obtain property insurance prior to close of escrow.
  • Buyer to review and approve the Estimated Closing Statement provided by Title Company.
  • Signing, Closing and Recording.
  • Broker’s fees are paid by the Seller.

For additional information, please refer to the following useful Buyer's Resources.

* Adapted from Department of Real Estate consumer information for homebuyers.
Please see their website for more information


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