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Ross is a prestigious and exclusive town nestled in the heart of Marin County, California. With its lush landscapes, towering redwoods, and grand estates, Ross epitomizes luxury living and offers a refined sense of community. Here, we explore some of the distinctive neighborhoods that make Ross an exceptional place to call home:


  1. Ross Commons: Located in the heart of Ross, the Ross Commons neighborhood exudes a timeless elegance and charm. Here, you'll find a collection of beautifully preserved historic homes, each showcasing exquisite architectural details and manicured gardens. The tree-lined streets and well-maintained sidewalks create a picturesque setting, inviting residents to take leisurely strolls and appreciate the area's rich history.

  2. Ross Valley Estates: Set against the backdrop of rolling hills and pristine open spaces, Ross Valley Estates offers a serene and idyllic setting. This neighborhood boasts a variety of luxurious homes, ranging from sprawling estates to contemporary masterpieces. Residents of Ross Valley Estates enjoy privacy and tranquility, with many properties featuring expansive yards, private swimming pools, and breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty.

  3. Winship Park: Situated near the Ross School, Winship Park is a family-friendly neighborhood that caters to those seeking a close-knit community atmosphere. The area is characterized by charming homes with well-manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. Winship Park offers easy access to local parks, playgrounds, and recreational amenities, making it an ideal choice for families looking for a safe and welcoming environment for their children.

  4. Laurel Grove: Tucked away amidst towering redwood trees and verdant landscapes, Laurel Grove is a hidden oasis within Ross. This neighborhood showcases a harmonious blend of architectural styles, ranging from elegant Mediterranean villas to contemporary retreats. The tranquil ambiance of Laurel Grove provides a sanctuary for residents, allowing them to unwind amidst nature's beauty while still being in close proximity to the amenities and conveniences of Ross.

  5. Country Club Estates: Positioned near the Ross Valley Golf Club, Country Club Estates offers a refined and sophisticated lifestyle. This neighborhood features an array of luxurious properties, often with expansive grounds, tennis courts, and resort-style amenities. Residents of Country Club Estates enjoy exclusive access to the golf course, creating a haven for avid golfers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking an active and upscale living experience.

Ross embodies the epitome of luxury living, with its meticulously designed homes, sprawling estates, and lush surroundings. Whether you're seeking a historic home with timeless charm or a contemporary masterpiece with modern amenities, Ross offers a selection of neighborhoods to suit diverse preferences. Experience the pinnacle of elegance and enjoy the close-knit community spirit that defines Ross, where refined living meets natural beauty.

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